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5 things that are way easier now than 20 years ago

July 16, 2018 | 2 MIN READ

5 things that are way easier now than 20 years ago

Some people love a good moan, but not us. Life’s not all bad - especially when you look back on how things used to be.

Even since the late nineties life has gotten a lot easier. Here are just five examples to make you thank your lucky stars.

1. Grabbing a cab

Consider this: if your Nokia 3210 ran out of juice at the pub in 1998, you’d have to fumble coins into a payphone after finding the number for the local cabbie and take their word that they’d be with you in 10 minutes.

These days it only takes a few taps of your phone to hook up with your Uber driver Yosef - rated 4.9, trackable from the app and happy to play your music en route to your destination.

Mind you, today’s smartphone batteries have nothing on the 3210…

2. Watching TV

It’s hard to believe that as recently as 2002, we had to wait an agonising seven days to find out what was next for Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the gang.

Streaming has changed everything. You can watch your favourite programmes when it suits you, rather than the TV scheduling people – and binging box sets makes the mysteries of shows like Lost more bearable.

3. Sharing messages, photos and videos

Remember sending postcards from your holiday? Or using foreign payphones to call home? It’s crazy to think how our trips abroad have changed over the last 20 years.

These days it’s second nature to share pictures and videos from exotic locales with your phone. At best this used to involve uploading your digital camera pics to your PC when you got home; at worst it was a trip to Max Spielman to get your pics developed before you could share them.

4. Literally any form of shopping

I once used the Amazon app to buy a specialised key for opening the gas-meter cupboard and it came in the post less than 24 hours later.

If I wanted to do the same thing in 1998, I’d have to: work out where on earth to buy the thing, find the time to go out for it and then drive there and back.

You don’t want to have to devote time from your actual life for this kind of thing, and online shopping means you never have to.

5. Getting a mortgage

Some people still get a mortgage in the same way they might have in 1998.

They book appointments over the phone and then take time off work to attend, they photocopy documents and post them off – they even spend time waiting on hold to chase people for updates.

The world has moved on. You don’t have to put up with these quaint, old-fashioned inconveniences anymore.

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