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Nationwide is a prominent player in the realm of UK mortgages, capturing a considerable 14% market share, making it the second-largest in the nation. This equates to an impressive £35.7 billion worth of mortgage funds managed by Nationwide. 

They cater to a wide range of residential homebuyers, as well as commercial products through their intermediary, The Mortgage Works. Mojo can assist you with both. 

What are Nationwide's best mortgage rates?

The Nationwide mortgage rates available to you will depend on your specific financial situation. Below are some of Nationwide's best current rates, however, keep in mind that these examples are illustrative only, so won’t necessarily be the rates you’ll get on application.

What type of mortgages do Nationwide offer?

Nationwide offers a wide range of residential mortgage products with both fixed and variable rates, for: 

  • First-time buyers at up to 95% LTV

  • Home movers at up to 95% LTV

  • Those remortgaging at up to 90% LTV

They also deal with a lot of specialist areas of lending, being a building society, rather than a bank. This means that they will usually accept Shared ownership, First Homes Scheme, Right to Buy Scheme and Help-to-buy scheme mortgage applications. They also offer:

  • Interest-only mortgages

  • Green mortgages

  • Expat mortgages

How can I make a Nationwide mortgage application?

You can apply for a Nationwide mortgage online, over the phone, or by visiting a Nationwide Building Society branch. However, given the significance of a mortgage, many prefer to engage with a mortgage expert, particularly if they're first-time buyers. Nationwide's online application also isn't accessible if your mortgage requirements exceed 85% LTV (Loan to Value).

Why use Mojo to apply with Nationwide?

  • We successfully get people mortgage offers with Nationwide every day, so know exactly what it takes to meet their criteria

  • Our fully qualified and FCA registered advisers will guide you through Nationwide's application process, but also make sure you’re not missing out on a deal from elsewhere that may suit you better

  • We can double and triple check your paperwork – to avoid any delays further down the line in your application

  • Nationwide offers broker exclusive mortgages, which you wouldn’t get directly

  • It's all free

How do I get a mortgage agreement in principle with Nationwide?

You’ll need to provide us with details of your

  • Name and address

  • Income

  • Outgoings

  • Employment

There will be a credit check, but it’s a soft credit check. Remember, an Agreement in Principle from Nationwide isn't a guarantee of a mortgage offer, it's just the first stage.

How much can I borrow from Nationwide for a mortgage?

Nationwide offers up to 4.75 times your gross salary, but this is likely to be less if you have a lot of fixed outgoings, poor credit, or your LTV (loan to value) is high.

Does Nationwide offer buy-to-let mortgages?

Not directly, although we can help you to access them through their intermediary, The Mortgage Works. We can also compare Nationwide with all other buy-to-let lenders to find your best deal.

Does Nationwide offer remortgages?

Yes - and like all lenders, a Nationwide remortgage is basically like getting a new mortgage all over again. That means you'll have to pass new affordability and eligibility criteria - but using equity instead of a deposit.

If you already have a mortgage with Nationwide and want to remortgage to avoid their higher Standard Variable Rate (SVR), you could opt for a product transfer. Mojo's Mortgage Rate Checker will keep you up to date with any rate reductions that your lender may make, so you don’t miss out.

Comparing your Nationwide offer side by side with market competitors is also quick and easy with Mojo, but if you decide to remortgage with Nationwide, we can expedite the process, usually concluding within a day.

Nationwide mortgage FAQs