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Once you've got an appointment to speak to a mortgage adviser, you might be wondering what actually happens.

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What happens at an appointment with a mortgage adviser?

If you're planning to buy your first home, meeting with a mortgage adviser can be daunting, but at Mojo Mortgages, we're all about supporting your best interests, whether you're a first-time buyer or further along in your home ownership journey.

Nobody relishes the thought of having their financial details scrutinised - but with Mojo's innovative approach to mortgage appointments you can complete the first part online in around 15-minutes, divulging nothing more personal than your annual income.

We present you with available mortgage deals that you can apply for right away. Then simply schedule a quick call and one of our experts will guide you through the application process. This same adviser will remain by your side throughout your home buying journey, providing assistance whenever needed.

How to prepare for your meeting with a mortgage adviser 

We’ll be best able to help you if you can provide as much detail about your needs and circumstances as possible. This includes:

  • 1.

    Details about your property

  • 2.

    Deposit size

  • 3.

    Income and outstanding debts

  • 4.

    Any dependents

Later on in the process we’ll need to see evidence of all of the above to get your mortgage in principle sorted, but first we’ll need to get to know you a little better?

What does a mortgage broker ask at the first appointment?

  • 1.

    What type of property are you interested in? e.g main residence, second home, or investment

  • 2.

    What location and price range are you looking at and do you have a property in mind yet? It’s usually best to hold off on your search until you have a mortgage in principle in hand

  • 3.

    What type of mortgage are you looking for? Do you know the difference between fixed-rate and variable-rates, how long of a term do you need and are there any important features you’re looking for in a mortgage?

  • 4.

    Do you have a deposit, how much is it and is it all savings? For example, some people use gifted deposits, or home ownership schemes

  • 5.

    Do you already have a mortgage in principle? Have you been to any other brokers or lenders directly to ask about a mortgage and received a mortgage in principle, for example

  • 6.

    Do you have any special financial circumstances?Are you self-employed or have irregular income?

  • 7.

    Have you considered your long-term financial goals? Do you plan to move within 5 years, do you have an imminent promotion etc

  • 8.

    Do you have any questions or concerns about the mortgage process? If so we can ensure everything is clear to you before you proceed

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