How to get your SA302 Tax Calculation

Stuart Bowman

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Last updated: 11th May 2020

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When you're applying for a self employed mortgage, one of the first things you'll realise is that it's a bit trickier to prove your income.

You may not have payslips, but if you're registered with HMRC, there's every chance you'll have access to the info you'll need: the SA302 form.

It's this SA302 tax calculation that banks and lenders use to check your affordability and decide if they should approve your mortgage application.

What is an SA302 form?

The SA302 form is an official tax calculation from HMRC. It's a statement based on your Self Assessment tax return for the previous financial year (April 6th to April 5th) and is really important when applying for a self employed mortgage as it proves your income.

Officially, the SA302 is now called a Tax Calculation form, but many people (and lenders) still use the old name.

How do I get my SA302 Tax Calculation form?

If you're registered as self employed with HMRC and have (or your accountant has) submitted your Self Assessment tax return, then you'll be able to get your SA302 form online.

You can get the tax calculation and SA302 details for each of the past 4 years online, which is more than enough to satisfy the underwriting needs of your lender.

Where can I find my SA302 form online?

  1. Log into your HMRC online account
  2. Go to Self Assessment
  3. Choose More Self Assessment Details
  4. Select Get Your SA302 Tax Calculation
  5. Select the option to Print Your Full Calculation
  6. Select the year you require from the Tax Return Options menu
  7. Select View Your Calculation
  8. Click View and Print Your Calculation
Once you have this document, you simply upload it to your MyMojo account and we'll double check it and pass it on to a lender when you're ready to apply

Does HMRC still issue SA302 forms?

Not any longer.

Prior to September 2017, HMRC issued you with a paper SA302 form after you completed your tax return.

Now, you need to get your own form, either online or by phoning HMRC.

What info does my SA302 show?

The form consists of 2 parts: the Tax Calculation and the Tax Overview.

  • Tax Calculation – The summary of your Self Assessment that shows your total earnings and tax
  • Tax Overview – The current status of your tax payments.

It's the Tax Calculation which is the more important part when applying for a mortgage, but some lenders may also request the Overview.

Can my accountant get my SA302?

Yes. They act as an agent on your behalf. There's also a good chance they will use commercial software, which can be used to generate the SA302 Tax Calculation form too.

When can I get my SA302?

The tax calculation documents the previous financial year. So after you file your Self Assessment for the tax year that runs April 6th to April 5th, you can download your form.

It can take up to 2 weeks to receive an SA302 through the post after calling HMRC however.

Do I need SA302 for my mortgage?

In most cases, if you are self employed, yes. Your lender needs some way of verifying your income and SA302s are the simplest and most comprehensive way of doing so.

Certified accounts will also be accepted by some lenders, but if you have an account, there's a high likelihood they will get you an SA302 form anyway.

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