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Find out about the range of mortgages offered by NatWest, plus how our Mojo experts can help you to compare them with other lenders, and make a successful application


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NatWest is one of the UK's biggest banks and one of the ‘big six’ mortgage lenders in the UK. At Mojo mortgages, we regularly work with Natwest, and can help you make a successful application with them, should you select them as the best lender for your needs. 

What are NatWest's best mortgage rates?

It's important to remember all NatWest mortgage rates will depend on your personal circumstances, and what you want from your mortgage.To get the best Natwest rates you'll need a good sized deposit and strong credit history, as with any lender.

Sometimes people want the option to overpay without being charged fees - NatWest allows overpayment of up to 20% of outstanding mortgage balance per year as standard. Others want to avoid arrangement fees, but often, people just want to see the lowest rate a lender can offer.

What type of mortgages do NatWest offer?

NatWest offer a wide range of residential and commercial mortgage products in both fixed and variable rate options, including:

They are also receptive to home ownership schemes, such as the Right to Buy Scheme, Help-to-buy scheme (Wales) and shared ownership.

How can I make a NatWest mortgage application?

You can apply for a NatWest mortgage deal online, over the phone, or by visiting a branch - but we can also make the application on your behalf, reducing your stress and administrative burden.

You don't need to have a NatWest bank account to apply for a mortgage with them. They also have a handy feature called a Mortgage Tracker that lets you login and see the status of your application. It's very similar to our My.Mojo tool.

Why use Mojo to apply with NatWest?

  • We're really familiar with their application process and paperwork needs, so we successfully get people mortgage offers with NatWest every day

  • You can book an appointment in a few minutes

  • fully qualified and FCA registered advisers will guide you through NatWest's application process

  • We can double and triple check your paperwork – you'll avoid any delays further down the line this way

  • We'll check if you can find a cheaper mortgage deal elsewhere too

  • It's all free

  • NatWest offers broker exclusive mortgages - so if you're eligible for one and it looks like a good fit for your needs, our mortgage advisers can talk you through any exclusives.

How do I get a mortgage agreement in principle with NatWest?

You’ll need to provide us with details of your

  • Name and address

  • Income

  • Outgoings

  • Employment

There will be a credit check, but it’s a soft credit check. Remember, an Agreement in Principle from NatWest isn't a guarantee of a mortgage offer, it's just the first stage.

How much can I borrow from NatWest for a mortgage?

NatWest offers up to 5 times your gross salary, but this is likely to be less if you have a lot of fixed outgoings or your LTV (loan to value) is high.

Does NatWest offer buy-to-let mortgages?

Yes, NatWest offers buy-to-let mortgages with the following eligibility criteria:

  • Expected rent of at least 125% of the monthly interest payments

  • A minimum deposit of 25%, or 35% for a new build purchase

  • A property worth at least £50,000

  • A total loan less than £3.5 million

You can compare NatWest with all other buy-to-let lenders to find your best deal with Mojo.

Does NatWest offer remortgages?

Like all lenders, a NatWest remortgage is basically like getting a new mortgage all over again. So that means you'll have to pass new affordability and eligibility criteria - but you’ll use equity instead of a deposit.

If you're an existing mortgage holder with NatWest and just want to remortgage to a new rate with them you could opt for a product transfer. Mojo's Mortgage Rate Checker will keep you up to date with any rate reductions that your lender may make, so you don’t miss out.

Can I do a product transfer with another lender from the NatWest Group?

No you can’t, each brand is considered a separate lender, so product transfers can only be onto another NatWest deal.

NatWest mortgage FAQs