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Last updated: September 16th 2020

Ready to see your mortgage options?

Mojo Mortgages is an award-winning online mortgage broker. Let's get you the best rate you can... for free, all from the comfort of your sofa.

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What does a mortgage adviser do?

See this?

mortgage deals available after speaking to an adviser

It's a personalised list of every mortgage rate and deals you can apply for.

It's a list that's updated in real time and filtered based on your exact financial circumstances.

You can see all the ins and outs of every mortgage, and spend time umming and ahhing in the comfort of your own home.

It used to be that it would take 2 hours in a bank branch speaking to a mortgage adviser to get to this point - AND you'd only see a few deals based on what that one bank was wiling to offer.

What does a  mortgage adviser do?

We want our mortgage advisers to spend their time actually advising.

So, to see this screen on your phone, it takes about 10 minutes and a few taps. You can start right here, right now. Or if you want to be prepared, see how easy it is below.

Step 1: Where you up to?

Welcome screen
mortgage adviser questions will you live in or rent the property
mortgage adviser
third stage done mortgage adviser

We like to start off nice and simple: 6 taps – and that includes 2 taps to start and finish!

All Mojo is trying to do here is figure out how best we can help you.

There's over 20,000 mortgage deals from over 90 lenders and everyone is up to a different stage in their mortgage process. We're just trying to save you some time down the line.

Step 2: 3 numbers and 2 taps for your LTV, mortgage term and deposit

mortgage adviser questions property price
mortgage adviser questions what deposit do you have
mortgage adviser questions how long a mortgage term do you want
mortgage adviser questions shared income

This is simply setting some foundational facts about your mortgage: enter 3 numbers and 2 taps and ta-da, we'll know your deposit size, your LTV and your mortgage term. With that info we can start to narrow down your deals.

Don't worry too much about being super accurate. This is just for starters – to give you the gist. You can edit these details whenever you want – as many times as you need.

Step 3: Property details and 5 taps

mortgage adviser question property postcode
mortgage adviser property construction type
mortgage adviser questions how old's your property?
mortgage adviser questions is your property ex council
mortgage adviser questions service charge

This is all about your property – if you have one lined up.

It's simply the address, and 5 further taps.

As you can see, there's nothing too taxing, and again if you're unsure on anything don't let it stop you for now.

Step 4: 4 more questions ...and the answer to one of them is your name

mortgage adviser question your name
mortgage adviser questions are you married?
mortgage adviser questions do you have any children

Here we're just trying to find out a bit more about you. Mortgage advisers ask these questions because lenders will want to know your address history and how many kids you have. Tell us once and we'll do the rest of the leg work.

Step 5: Your income in 2 taps and a few figures

mortgage adviser questions what's your employment status
mortgage adviser questions: salary
mortgage adviser questions other income

Almost there, here we just need a few simple details about your job with nothing harder than 'what's your basic annual income?'. It'll take you about a minute!

Step 6: Spending! It's really nothing to worry about

Now checking your outgoings is normally the bit that people normally don't like, but with Mojo it's less than 5 questions. It's all standard stuff: child care, debts, vehicles. You can use ballpark figures for now.

Step 7: And that's it. Here are your mortgage deals.

mortgage adviser questions what deposit do you have

We've taken the details you gave us and filtered over 20,000 offers to find the mortgage deals you are eligible for and the exact ones that are best for your circumstances.

If you want to tweak a few of your details, no bother, just change them at the top of the screen.

You can also sort your results to find the lowest rate or the cheapest overall cost – whatever you need.

Booking a chat with an independent mortgage adviser from Mojo

In most cases, you can't get a mortgage without speaking to someone, and we certainly wouldn't recommend it. It's literally your biggest financial commitment, so a quick chat could save you thousands.

Don't worry. We're trying to make it so simple.

Whenever you are ready to apply or you just want to get a bit of help, just hit the book an appointment button.

All the details you've entered can be forwarded to your own personal adviser. So you don't need to do that again after seeing what mortgage offers you like the look of.

Plus, you can choose what time is convenient.

These calls only last about 30 mins… instead of 2 hours, and it's really good for your peace of mind that everything is checked by a CeMap expert before we help you apply.

Remember, we never charge a fee.

Ready to see your mortgage options?

Mojo Mortgages is an award-winning online mortgage broker. Let's get you the best rate you can... for free, all from the comfort of your sofa.

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