6 steps to a smoother house move

Moving house doesn't have to be a nightmare. With a bit of forethought and planning you can make sure it goes smoothly. Here are six tips to save your sanity as you move into your new place.

Book time off work for the move

As soon as you’ve finalised your moving date, remember to book time off work (ideally with a few days either side). This will ensure you have plenty of time to pack, clean, and unpack, while dealing with the inevitable surprises that crop up when settling into a new home.

Switch your utilities, broadband and phone

There’s nothing worse than moving into a property to find that you’ve got weeks to wait until the internet is switched on. With all the planning and packing, many of us forget about the things we take for granted – so don’t be caught out.

Get ahead and call your utility, phone and broadband providers at least a fortnight ahead of the move. That way you can ensure everything is up and running before you walk through the front door.

Update your insurance

It’s important to tell your insurers you’re moving – especially for buildings and contents cover. Moving into a new home can make you a prime target for opportunist thieves, so it’s critical to ensure you have cover in place for the property before you arrive.


Meanwhile, if you’ve changed your mortgage deal as a result of moving house, don’t forget about life insurance. Many lenders require you to have cover in place as a condition of the mortgage. If you’re borrowing more than before, you may also need to check your life insurance is still fit for purpose.

At Mojo Mortgages we can get you quote for any protection package, and get the right cover in place quickly.

Compare van hire and removal options

Professional removal services are great but they can be pricey – especially when you need make a few return trips. It’s worth looking at the cost of hiring a van for yourself, over a weekend or a single day, compared to a full-on removal team.

Notify your change of address

It’s not just your Facebook friends that will want to know about your change of address. From the tax office to your energy supplier, there’s a lot of people who hold your address that need updating.

We’ve pulled together a full list, which you can download for free here, so you can check them off as you go.

To make sure no important post goes missing, consider setting up a forwarding address for the first few months in your new place. Royal Mail recommends applying for a redirection at least three weeks before you move.

Start the clear-out

Finally, set aside some time for a big clear-out before you even begin packing. We accumulate a lot of clutter over the years, and there’s no point in transferring useless bits and bobs over to your new home – no matter how spacious it might be.

Tick these items off your to-do list in the months and weeks leading up to a house move, and you’ll thank yourself when the pace begins to pick up near moving day.

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