The Most Googled Interior Design Trends

Manisha Mehta

5-minute read

7th July 2020

There’s no doubt that many people have used lockdown to tackle some DIY projects as Google searches for the term 'DIY' have more than trebled in the UK in the past few months.

With all that extra time on their hands, people have taken to the internet to get some interior design inspiration to spruce up their abodes,and online broker, Mojo Mortgages has revealed the top interior design trends that have been making a mark on Google this summer.

Using SEMrush, the site collated the average monthly Google search volumes for 20 interior design styles to reveal which one was the most popular, using the keywords 'style' + interiors, décor and design.

The results revealed that ‘Scandinavian’ is the most googled interior décor style, with a staggering 121,600 searches a month. What’s more, recent research revealed that having a Scandinavian styled home can add an extra £340,000 to the value of it, so it’s no wonder people are wanting to replicate this minimal, yet sleek and modern style.


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If you're a fan of farmhouse interior design, then this still is in second place, with 101,000 searches. According to property experts, this decor style can add up to £280,000 to the value of your home.


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The third most searched for style is industrial, racking up 79,800 searches, and potentially adding £165,000 to the value of your house.


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The most popular interior design trends of the year so far…

1. Scandinavian - 121,600
2. Farmhouse - 101,000
3. Industrial - 79,800
4. Floral - 74,000
5. Geometric - 48,000
6. Marble - 25,410
7. Rustic - 25,300
8. Vintage - 23,700
9. Art Deco - 21,600
10. Bohemian - 20,400
11. Black and White - 17,400
12. Shabby Chic - 15,100
13. Retro - 14,590
14. Sustainable - 14,160
15. Country - 12,500
16. Gothic - 10,400
17. Luxury - 9,300
18. Natural - 5,990
19. Grey - 5,000
20. Eco-Friendly - 4,780

Interestingly, natural, grey and eco-friendly interior trends seem to be on their way out, with less than 6,000 searches each.

Trends do tend to stick around in the interior industry for slightly longer than in fashion however, with many trends morphing and adapting throughout the course of a few years whilst still remaining current, and we believe that this is exactly what will happen with the grey interiors trend that seemed to be very popular at the start of the year.

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