5 problems everyone who needs a bigger house will understand

Upsizing can be a pickle. For one, you may not be sure it’s the right move for you and your family – do you really need a larger house, after all? Yet anyone struggling for space will face a lot of grievances, every day, that give you a pretty clear answer…

We’re listing five of them to get your thoughts whirring for a property upgrade.

1. Cutlery is spilling everywhere

Kitchens are meant to be our organised Mecca when we come home to cook. Yet recently, you’ve noticed that the new spatula doesn’t fit alongside the whisk. You have more wooden stirring spoons than a hunter-gatherer exhibit. Forks are missing, because they jam the drawers, and are left by the sink for days at a time. Cutlery overload – or any storage overload - means you are running low on capacity.

2. You have to leap over a bed to retrieve something

Floorplans can be deceptive; after all, you’re buying little bits of furniture here and there, spicing up your bedroom so it doesn’t look samey. But that generous living space is suddenly a lot more cramped – perhaps a floor lamp has cut off passage to the radiator, or a slightly bigger wardrobe blocks the route to your bedside table. Either way, you’re diving across the duvet to get a phone, book, trinket or alarm clock from one half of the room, because there’s just too much stuff to walk around the bedframe anymore.

3. The kids’ shoes trip you up

Wow: that’s a massive pile of boots, wellies, trainers and smart loafers you’ve built up! The children are growing up, aren’t they? You’re buying new shoes left, right and centre, with barely enough time to chuck out old pairs. As a result, footwear is strewn about the house like an unlaced minefield, waiting to trip you up. Face it – this might be cause to place a step forward to a bigger property.

4. It’s hard to escape the sound of a television

21st century habits dictate that we have a screen in almost every room, blaring its endless, loud cacophony. Many families own two, three or four TVs: your kitchen, conservatory, lounge and master bedroom might have its own media station. Some quiet time, however, shouldn’t be off the menu. If you can’t get it, that points to a lack of space for me-time in the place you call home.

5. Friends don’t know where to sit

Everyone likes having company over. But three shouldn’t be a crowd. Neither should four, five or seven. When you next invite a group of people for drinks, food or after-hours karaoke, watch where they sit. Are they squeezed tightly on the floor? Has one pal perched themselves on an arm rest, looking a bit awkward? If your space doesn’t cater for your social life, you might be due an upgrade.

The verdict is in: one or more of these home truths should signal that you’re ready a bigger place. Now take the initiative and head to Mojo Mortgages' smart comparison tool for a mortgage deal that’ll make sense for your budget and circumstance! We don’t want to see you in a cramped floorplan that takes the joy out of domesticity.

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